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Her Biceps.com Shoot


WOW! What an amazing experience this was for me! I was flown to Vegas to shoot for a site I never dreamed possible! This site is LOADED with women who are dedicated to fitness. They have shot women that I absolutely idolize in the industry and a TON of professional figure competitors, including Miss Olympia! (Biggest title of them all)! It was a huge honor to have them shoot me.

I had such an amazing experience I tried to document as much as I could and made a little BTS (behind the scenes) video of some of the action, as well as a photoset for you to enjoy!

Day 1: (Fasted Cardio and leg day first) We shot in a ghost town - heat of the day 105 degrees!! Day 2: (Fasted Cardio and back day- which was filmed and photographed) then hotel shoot, including walking around the Las Vegas strip in thigh high black leather boots and booty shorts!! We had so many people watching me and taking pics of me!!

I had probably 10ish outfit changes and I was flexing hard for nearly 10 hours on day 2! I couldn’t believe I was still able to engage my abs at the end of the night! :P

It was by far one of the most challenging shoots I’ve done. Its one thing to shoot pretty girl model shoots (porn) and just worry about having a sexy face, its another to have abs flexed, shoulders flexed, legs flexed, biceps flexed AND have a relaxed face to make it look like it’s no big thang… lol I learned a lot about muscle control and boy am I sore!!

Even though this was a paid shoot (Yes, I got paid to keep my clothes ON! ((holy shit right!!)) ) I will still be getting content from the shoot to share with you all!

I hope you enjoy! I had such an amazing time doing this and I hope to shoot with them more again!


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